Welcome to Islander Analtyics

Welcome to Islander Analytics! I’m garik16, and I’m a poster at Lighthouse Hockey and Hockey Graphs.  For a while now, I’ve been making posts at LHH in which I use hockey analytics – or advanced stats or fancy stats or whatever you want to call them – to take a different look at the Islanders.  I’ve attempted to write a primer on these stats on LHH (admittedly It’s only about 80% done) and have always attempted to explain them to readers such that they can use them themselves, if they so choose.

That said, it’s become apparent to me that while I like to think my posts have been helpful to Isles fans who are interested in analytics and learning what they say about the team (and about the rest of the league), that there isn’t really a resource where I can direct Isles fans to a broad spectrum of analytics-based posts – if you want to learn what they say about the Isles, you currently have to be linked to one of my posts, learn on your own, or google really well.

Hence this site.  From here on, I’m planning on cross-posting my LHH work over here, such that anyone interested in an analytics perspective on the Isles has one place to look.  In addition, I plan on bringing over shorter analytics-based posts over here, because usually I just explain on twitter and have people wind up misunderstanding due to the limits of 140 characters.

In time, I’d hope other Isles fans might want to host some analytics posts on this blog, such that it becomes one place for any Isles fan to go to for analytics, as opposed to just my work.  But for now, welcome.  Let’s see what we can learn together about this team as we enter a new era.


One thought on “Welcome to Islander Analtyics

  1. Great – I think this is definitely a great site and I hope it does become a nexus for other ‘analytics’ as well. I’ve followed your posts for some time – and while statistics may have a down side, they do indeed give lots of info about where someone is good bad or …

    As for Cazikas – I think he’s aware he didn’t really perform well last year and knows this is a key time if he’s really going to continue in the NHL. We’ll see.


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