Neutral Zone Analysis: 2014-2015 Season: Game 10 @ Colorado


The above numbers are affected a bit by score effects, but even before the Avs put this out of hand, this was a pretty damn strong Islander neutral zone performance.  The first period’s #s surpassed even that of the Jets’ game, making this two straight games where the Isles have put up a strong first period in the neutral zone, which is a good sign given that the Isles hadn’t dominated the neutral zone really this year.   Meanwhile, while the carry-in rate was still not great, Nick Leddy had 6 carry-ins by himself, which is pretty insane for a D-Man.

Again, there was plenty of good in this game.  This was basically the inverse of the Isles-Rangers game from 2 weeks ago (Game 3) – the Isles in that game were dominated for most of the game, but struck multiple times in a 6 minute of so span, with goaltending saving them in the rest of the game.  Here the Isles dominated the Avs for most of the game, but for a 6 minute stretch in the 2nd period, and Varlamov saved the Avs for the rest of it.

This wasn’t a game that was THAT discouraging really.  Gotta keep up this type of performance and we’ll win more often than not.


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