Neutral Zone Analysis: 2014-2015 Season: Game 19 AT Pittsburgh


The Isles outplayed the Pens in the first game of this home and home, on the road, as shown by the possession #s (also and by us winning). That said, the victory wasn’t carried by neutral zone play: while the Isles were even in controlled entries with the Pens, they were outentered by Pittsburgh.

Instead, the Isles made the most out of their entries. Again, this isn’t a method of out-possessing the opponent that will work as consistently as simply winning the neutral zone, but the Isles were up nearly the entire game so with score effects, this really doesn’t look that bad. And it was a road game vs an elite Penguins team.  The question is whether the Isles would win the neutral zone in the rematch the next day….


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