Neutral Zone Analysis: 2014-2015 Season: Game 21 vs Philly


Above are the numbers for game 21 vs the Flyers.  This is an absolutely DOMINANT performance.  The Isles out-entered the Flyers significantly, carried in on 60% of entries, and held the Flyers to a 33% carry-in rate.  You won’t find better neutral zone games than this one, and the Isles outplayed the Flyers in the other zones as well. Incidentally, Jess Schmidt from BroadStreetHockey tracked this game as well and found the Isles’ domination to be slightly larger.

Quite simply put, Mason had an amazing performance in this game, as the Isles annihilated the Flyers in all phases, particularly in the neutral zone, even though the game went into the shootout.

Of note: Thomas Hickey and Calvin de Haan missed this game, and the Isles didn’t miss much of a beat, with Matt Donovan and Brian Strait ably fitting in.  Of course Hickey has had a poor year so far, so we shouldn’t have expected much of a drop off there.


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